Enter Houston: Holocaust Museum


Each visitor is welcomed to take available stones and place them at the bottom of this engraved slab. As a remembrance and tribute to those lost.

I’m intrigued by WWII in every facet. A $5 Uber & free entry courtesy of an old UCF student ID, it was an easy excursion from my hostel. Photographs are, for the majority, banned for self-explanatory reasons. Tours are free but me and my girlfriend are nerd enough and prefer to get pleasantly lost in exhibits. The main exhibit hall (where photography is prohibited) is full of historical statistics and memorable quotes paired with authentic photographs and memorabilia. Most noted were the film clips with the most haunting being that of Josef Mengele. The German doctor who underwent trials for conducting human experiments on Jews from burning children to removing their genitals. Albeit the dark tone that accompanies the Holocaust it was without a doubt a couple of hours well spent here


“When the U.S. soldiers finally came to liberate the Jewish prisoners from camp they just stared. They didn’t celebrate, they had no energy to. The first car stopped and a soldier jumped out. He took one look at them and broke out in tears.”

Destroyed Communities Memorial

WW2 Holocaust Rail Car: 80 to 200 Jews would be squeezed into these cars without food and water for hours to days at a time

“I remember there were long pauses of silence. Then moaning, then crying, then screaming. They were the sounds of people fighting for more room … then there was the smell. It was how death smelt.” (In reference to Jews being transported in the Holocaust Rail Cars)



Christian in Denmark hid Jew in this authentic fishing boat to safely transport hiding Jews away from German occupied territories. We were unlucky enough that the boat was under reconstructive repairs while visiting so here is a photo from their website.


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