Savannah: A Barman’s Leisure

What is Savannah known for? History, haunted houses, and cheap booze. So sightseeing and museum touring during the day and drinking Jamesons at night and getting a pint of Guinness to go for a whopping $6 is the embodiment of a day off for me. There’s literally alcohol available at every block in midtown as well as the historic and Victorian district. Happy hour is dirt cheap, budgeting $50 a day on booze, not including tip, will either get you black out drunk or sipping on fine cocktails.



The buildings are O-L-D in Savannah and the market district is filled with restaurants and antique shops by the sea where boat tours are free and ideal for guests. Cobblestone streets and steep alleys are everywhere, something to note when you’ve had a few Jack & Cokes.

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Jen’s And Friends: If you want to meet girls or treats yours here is the place to be!


Speakeasys such as Savannah Cocktail Company aren’t uncommon in Savannah, many are on the second floor on top of pizza cafes, burger joints, and sushi restaurants such as this one. All alcoholic beverages are also available to go as there is no open container law in Savannah, bars also don’t close until 3am!

 Also highly recommended: The Rail Pub, Churchhill’s Pub, The Bar Bar and Olde Pink House.




Getting around Savannah on foot is a piece of cake! However, horse-drawn carriages are everywhere and being asked to touch or photograph the horses is just as common, but definitely serves a purpose in the downtown district.

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Cathedral of St. John the Baptist open to visitors except when weddings are going on which is why we got kicked out!

History is everywhere in Savannah and there are a plethora of art galleries, antique stores, as well as museums in the museum district. Every gallery is free but every museum is not. For the budget travelers it’s an easy choice between the two.

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If you believe in ghosts, which I do to an extent, then there are more than enough haunted tours available and even pub crawls all over discount sites such as Groupon and at nearly every brochure kiosk at the typical selections of lodgings. I even came across a walking trail that ran through a cemetery and into a playground that was open to the public and where people even had either the nerve or fearlessness to walk their dogs through! I felt photographing it was just asking for bad mojo though. I’ve been to Savannah twice before and saw every haunted house when I was in my adolescence but know better than to push buttons.

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