A Dozen Apps for the Journeyman Traveler


1. For help with money management try Mint. For free they put all your banking accounts in an all-in-one perspective, create a budget for bills, and track your spending. In addition they’ll form a progress report on what you want to save for then break it all down through charts and graphs so you can see reports on your disposable income as well as a load of quick tips to help you make your financial goals.

2. For help with locations Google Maps is an app I have found that works even if offline.

3. Google Flights is one of the better travel apps because of its feature that let users explore destinations while adding filters such as date ranges, non-stop flights, or a price limit on top of being able to see price graphs and highlighting the most and least expensive flights.

4. If it comes down to actual driving and road trips Waze is highly recommended because it keeps you posted with accidents or constructions that can potentially heavily delay your itinerary.

5. When renting a car or walking is not an option. Uber is the way to go! Cheaper, faster, and more comfortable than a taxi I frequently use this app on my travels.

6. For finding hosts try Airbnb, simply put in your check in and check out dates, where you want to visit, and the number of guests and it will show you a mapped out price graph of all the hotels in the visiting area.

7. For the same concept as above but for finding hostels try Booking.com or Hostels Worldwide

8. In exchange for a small fee for listening to music when internet is not available, Spotify. Keep in mind that student discounts are available.

9. When trying to find local deals and things to do use Groupon, simply change your location and it’ll find deals in walking distance!

10. If you need help researching things to do or places to visit see USNews, they’ll show hotels, free and paid things to do and map it out for you on top of explaining the best times to visit and the best way of getting around.

11. For buying last minute items, say a winter coat in my case, Amazon is the way to go. For a not too shabby $72 annually Amazon Prime members recieve two-day shipping available for the fair majority of items at no extra charge among other features.

12. For low-cost international flights checkout Ryanair or Norwegian, with them you’ll easily be saving a fortune traveling on these budget airlines through countries in Europe and more.



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