Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked the same two questions all the damn time:

How do you afford to travel all the time?



How do you find all these deals?


How do I do it? I break A LOT of rules when it comes to traveling. I don’t have travel insurance, I go on spontaneous road trips regularly, and I seldom take off from work! Also, I break the number one rule: I’m okay getting lost in new places because I stumble upon the best damn hidden gems time and again.


When do I do it? I scavenge for a cheap flight every month using Google Flights Explore Map feature, $150 and under roundtrips to be specific. I don’t necessarily look for the off season but have learned you will never not find what you’re looking for when you browse potential destinations with an open mind. Otherwise, I look for a road trip worth taking from my house in Orlando, Fl.

What do I do different? So, what’s the difference between me and you? Not a damn thing! I don’t have a camera crew following me around five star resorts or on private tours, I’m not sponsored or recognizable like many other wanderlusters, I work normal jobs that have nothing to do with blogging or traveling! There is not one thing different from you finding a budget airline and a bed to crash on on AirBnB than myself and exploring! The whole concept is to share what I do and how I do it with my readers so they can have the same amazing experiences.

Why do I do it? I’m not in it for the money. I put a lot of my time and effort into writing and traveling because I’m living life on my own terms. I won’t sellout. I pursue to be a writer who travels not a traveler who writes.

Who am I? Just a 24-year-old English major who likes to travel almost as much as he likes to write.

Where do I go? I travel the roads less traveled. I go to places that are far from stereotypical or cliché, maybe even a little underrated. My next few trips planned or are in the works are:

Group Flight New Orleans, LA. Accommodations: Hostel.

Solo Flight to Nashville, TN. Accommodations: Hostel.

Group Roadtrip to Charleston, SC. Accommodations: Hostel.

Group Flight to Richmond, VA. Accommodations: AirBnB.

Solo Flight to The Republic of Singapore. Accomodations: Staying with Relatives.

Group Flight to Pittsburgh, OH. Accommodations: Hostel.


Here are five simple steps to planning a trip:

  1. Pick your dates!
  2. Book a flight or road trip – Google flights is all I use for this.
  3. Book accommodations – close to downtown where the key attractions are.
  4. Research, plan, and create an itinerary. USNews & Google maps.
  5. Start a realistic budget.

Need some inspiration or ideas?

Check out my muse:

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  1. Anonymous

    Your grandparents whom you have not seen is so many years are waiting for you to get on the solo flight to Singapore where there is free board and lodging and possibly the plane ticket too. Just get on the plane.


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