Foods You Must Try in Singapore!

The Republic of Singapore is one of the most overrate countries in the world! Having no natural resources Singapore relies on their attractions such as Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Flyer as well as their unique cuisine ranging from the infamously expensive yet messy chili crab and the all too common roasted duck to bring in there many year-round tourists. Considered a luxury resort in the form of an island country, here’s a taste of Singapore!

Singapore and Iphone 1073

Ice Blended Avocado

Singapore and Iphone 644

Satay (Seasoned, Skewered Grilled Meat)

Singapore and Iphone 645

Grilled Stingray

Singapore and Iphone 653

Green Tea Ice Cream

Roasted Duck:

Market Fish!

My Choice: Calamari

Market Fruits!

My Choices: Mangosteen, Durian, Passion Fruit, & Thai Coconut.

Durian is an infamously stinky fruit with the texture of an overripe banana, to the extent that the fruit is illegible in some businesses and on public transportation because of the overbearing stench however, many are more than willing to look past the smell in order to enjoy the tasty fruit.

Thai coconuts are sold in almost every market and cut open right before your eyes with a straw and spoon so you can drink the delicious coconut water then scrape out the coconut meat right after!

Singapore and Iphone 655

Singapore’s Tiger Beer

Singapore and Iphone 667

Oyster Omelet

 Bakkwa: Salty-Sweet Dried Pork

Chili Crab: Messier than ribs but esteemed as one of the top of the higher-end meals in Singapore, locals highly recommend this dish!

Market Pastries & Desserts!

My Choice: Create Your Own Shaved Ice

Singapore and Iphone 1080

Pomelo Salad (Bottom Right)

Singapore and Iphone 1021

Prawns! (Bottom Left) They are everywhere in Singapore!

Singapore and Iphone 1022

Duck Soup

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