My Atlanta Bucket List

Four days in the capital of Georgia with nothing to do but explore. Here’s what I found and here’s why I loved my time here.

World of Coco-Cola

My dad drinks nothing but coke, I mean literally he always has a Coca-Cola for lunch or dinner. Personally, I prefer a little Jack with my coke but I had to visit to satisfy my simple curiosity on why coke is so dang popular and American. This visit is indefinitely family friendly and there is a myriad of Coca-Cola memorabilia from throughout the years though not much else beyond that. My favorite was the tasting room, a thing of beauty having around 50 different fountain sodas from around the world! Did I mention there is no limit to how much you can drink because there isn’t, but be warned the sugar rush is all too real!

Center for Civil and Human Rights:

I have to admit, I learned a lot here. Learning more in-depth the early civil rights movements and protests, the first black students to attend a white school, and MLKJ’s death but more importantly his life. Moreover learning of all the countries where rights are still nonexistent and citizens are treated as less than human as well as all the leaders and activists on both sides of these conflicts imposing their will. A great way to spend a few hours in ATL.

Atlanta History Center:

This place is huge! I mean it is absurdly big! Having two restaurants, a learning center, nature trails, a farm, log cabin, mansion, and multiple museum exhibits. Know better than me and plan half a day if you want to see everything the historic center has to offer.

Swan House:

Ever seen The Hunger Games: Catching Fire? Because this house was featured on the film! It’s an immense mansion of sorts that is aged for the early 1920s and 1930s. Explore every floor and take in the views of and from outside!

Smith Family Farm:

Atlanta Botanical Garden:

This garden is a fair sized but is known for its chihuly pieces spread throughout the gardens. There is a lot nature trail as well as a glass house on either end of the gardens and plenty of restaurants to dine in and fountains and sitting areas to take in the views and nature.

ATL samsung photos 482

Georgia Aquarium:

I was this close to swimming with whale sharks for half an hour for something around $200 but realized I could get my scuba certification for around the same price. So I chose the latter incidentally. Touching sea urchins and watching dolphins and mantra rays is something I’ve seen and done already many times before but admiring the beluga whales and whale sharks alone made this trip worthwhile.

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Piedmont Park:

Centennial Olympic Park:

Famous and directly adjacent to the heart of downtown and many of the attractions from the Atlanta city pass, Centennial Olympic Park is constantly filled with children playing in the fountains, tourists, and partygoers passing by to the bar. I chose to pass on the Ferris wheel as I have been on the Orlando Eye too many times and it’s several times larger.

High Museum of Art:

I’ve been to many a museum and this was definitely one of my favorites. Unique exhibits from athletic shoe culture to abstract paint and oil substitutes just grabbed at my intrigue.

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Margaret Mitchell House:

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” this quote resonates with me as I was recited it for years during my early education. Finding words to explain the impact and resolve “Gone With The Wind” had upon its release altered film culture as it addressed and broke down several barriers from racial and social issues to sexuality and vulgarity.

Atlanta City Pass

Definitely a deal to not pass up if you are going to 3 or more of these select 5 out of 7 options. The majority are landed neck-to neck in centennial park so a knocking out these activities in one day is quite the possibility for those only a staying a brief time in ATL.

What I Ate:

Atlanta is a foodie’s city. From exotic beef jerky, barbeque and cornbread, biscuits and creamy grits. Just about every Southern delight can be found here and it doesn’t disappoint whatsoever.

Getting Around: Marta is a very reliable train system here. Buy a breeze card and deposit cash or card at any of the train stations as generally every stop is a $2.50 fare. I would keep in mind that the fair majority of users are the less fortunate and it wasn’t uncommon for me to see a passenger mumbling crazy thoughts out loud or drinking beer. The later during the day the more I would advise an Uber over the train.

Do not, do not EVER go beyond Five Points. There is nothing to see and is easily the most dangerous place to venture into late at night in Atlanta. Tourists have no business there plain and simple so if barhopping stick to the nicer areas such as Buckhead for a beer.

Homeless people here are also as bad as I’ve ever seen. They will hassle you, insult you, threaten you and behave as if you owe them something. Don’t acknowledge them and keep walking.

Where I Stayed:

Skyhouse Buckhead is the place I stayed with my twin brother on the 9th floor of his studio apartment. Having a gym and sky lounge equipped with two pools on opposite ends of the top floor, at night it was pretty superb to be drinking beer watching the sun set and the city lights appear.

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