Exploring St. Petersburg, Florida


What brought me to St.Petersburg, Florida? Simple. What’s the point of being a born and raised Floridian traveling the world when you haven’t even ventured into your own backyard? So here’s what I saw.

Florida Holocaust Museum:

I have a mild obsession for World War II and the Holocaust. Despite it being a time period of tremendous pain, hardship, and suffering I have been intrigued by the facts and the stories of the participants and victims on arguably the biggest conflict and mass genocide in world history. Therefore, museums such as this are always and I mean always first on my list of things to do.

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Downtown St. Petersburg:

My wild bar nights are far and few between nowadays but I still like to go for a Jameson and Budweiser from time to time. My general go to are pubs and dives such as Pelican Pub where I can sink in my barstool, listen to some Johnny Cash, and socialize with the locals.

Fun fact is a fair amount of bars here offer 50% off to members of the service industry so it was pretty splendid paying $3 for Jameson and $1.50 for Budweiser to say the least. These kind of discounts are unheard of from my home in Orlando.

St. Petersburg Pier: A very small, passing glance at St. Pete’s well-known pier.

Mazzaro’s Italian Market: Ever looked up business hours online and seen that a place was open then showed up and a Microsoft Word document said it was closed? Well that’s exactly what happened to us. Pretty big bummer but not exactly a catastrophe. We’ll call it a rain check for the time being.


The Dali Museum: One of the main reasons I visited St. Pete is because I am a huge fan of museums and art. Salvador Dali is a name everyone has heard, even those who aren’t big art or surrealism fans. Surrealism is essentially painting and creating pieces that are illogical and have multiple meanings and initially an unclear image at first glance. They are the types of works that need to be studied to understand the meaning.

Keep in mind that entry will run you an easy $20 so if you’re not a lover of art or a fan of Dali, you plain and simple won’t think your money has been well spent.

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Probably the best example of surrealism. Multiple images in one that, when looked at from different distances, reveal a greater spectrum.

Sunken Gardens: I’ve been to many a botanic garden and have to admit I wasn’t overwhelmed by this experience. There wasn’t a greenhouse or a lot of variety in terms of different flora and color. There were a few nice views and a small variety of bird, fish, and turtles but the majority of the site was also under construction on top of some of the specimens being gone from their inhabitants for reasons unknown to me. Spending only a measly $6 off a Groupon deal I would have to admit if I had paid full price, double the money, I would’ve felt ripped off.

Sundial: The mecca of shopping and restaurant plazas. Think of it as a high-end spreadout mall, but me, I just came to watch Sausage Party at the theater on a rainy day.


Where I Ate:

Acropolis I ventured into on a whim. I’ve never explored Greek food fervently so I figured now was as good a time as any. Turn out I love Greek food! Everything is made to be big, filling, and tasty portions – how can you go wrong with that?

Where I Stayed: AirBnB is our gracious friend. We found this gem that was a only a five minute drive from the majority of major attractions as well as downtown. The hosts, Sean and Carlie, were nothing but helpful and considerate and they had this adorable lab-beagle mix named Kuwaii, Hawaii with a K, which is Japanese for cute. Highly recommended!




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