6 Must Do’s In Bruges

Bruges is a fairytale city made popular by the film “In Bruges” starring Colin Farrell and is renowned for being a quiet, small town packed with a load of history and culture perfect for a day trip or a romantic getaway.

1. Visit the Church of Our Lady:


2. Climb the narrow, winding steps of the Belfry all the way to the top for the breathtaking panoramic view:


3. Visit the Markt (Market Place):western-europe-backpacking-582western-europe-backpacking-542

4. Stroll through the Beguinage, a community for religious women who chose not to take their vows and isolate themselves from the modern world while still serving God: western-europe-backpacking-5325. Explore the Canals:western-europe-backpacking-573western-europe-backpacking-570western-europe-backpacking-563western-europe-backpacking-424western-europe-backpacking-5236. Sample the Local Food Stalls, Cafes, and Markets:

Belgian Waffles:western-europe-backpacking-568Macaroons:western-europe-backpacking-554Belgian Chocolate:western-europe-backpacking-550western-europe-backpacking-555Mussels, Frites, Frog Legs, Bratwurst and Prosciutto:



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