The Best of Da Lat

With three days off from work thanks to Vietnam’s Kings’ Commemoration Day I booked a ticket from my home in Ho Chi Minh City, better know as Saigon, to explore the small, mountain town of Da Lat, Vietnam.

A glance into my daily life in Saigon consisting of traffic jams, Vietnamese food, rudimentary construction sights, and teaching.

da lat 1085da lat 1074


Join in on the live music, despite the horrendous bar service, at V Sky Bar:

da lat 897

Buy a round of Vietnamese rice wine at The Escape Bar:

da lat 887

Admire the artsy memorabilia and test out the cocktails at Woody Bar:


Visit the Statue of Golden Buddha:

da lat 907da lat 855

Take the train at Da Lat Railway Station:

da lat 831

Ride the manual roller-coasters to the Dalanta Waterfalls:

da lat 983

da lat 1003

Drink in the views at one of the many uphill coffee-shops spread out all over Da Lat:

da lat 1000

da lat 913

Drink a beer and cruise around Tuyen Lam Lake (or vice-versa):

da lat 1002da lat 954da lat 953

Explore and sample the myriad of strawberry fields, Da Lat is famous for it’s export of strawberries but I had no idea exactly how many fields they have for flowers, strawberries, and other crops and plants. Ironically I stumbled upon a small, chubby Vietnamese boy and tried to buy some strawberries from him. He ripped me off and I joked with him that the price was too expensive but I could afford it. His older brother heard and came out to scold his brother, apologize to me, gave me my money, and even let me tour his strawberry fields and take pictures for free. He spoke near perfect English and had actually just returned from studying in Ho Chi Minh where I live.

da lat 844da lat 943da lat 997da-lat-995.jpg

Skip the touristy Valley of Love and stroll through the free flower parks in the city center, Da Lat is know for it’s flowers and since I visited in the spring it was considered an ideal time to see them. However, gardens don’t exactly tickle my fancy so I didn’t scrutinize for long.

da lat 814da lat 809

Stumble upon the random horses roaming around, literally I had no idea why but multiple times I’d be driving only to come across horses on a long tie-out grazing around in the streets or on lawns throughout the day.


Stopped to get some sugar cane juice, nuoc mia, ended up playing with this puppy instead.

da lat 930

Enjoy the long drive to and from Da Lat Airport, it’s a solid forty minutes which I took on arrival by a metered car taxi and for departure by motorbike taxi. I have to admit, despite airport taxis being nearly five times the price of a GrabBike (about $19 to $4) in Vietnam the level of comfort was worth it as it’s unbearable to sit on the end of a bike for that long.

da lat 998


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