Finding There Again

I’ve left on a journey,

Yet again,

I’m not sure where to,

But I think I’ll find it

Or it’ll find me.


I’m hoping to find a pair of long legs

In my bed,

A pair of four-legged fur balls

I’ll call my kiddos,

And a breathtaking view.


Either with white sand

between my toes,

Or the smell of pine,

As I make my climb to the summit.


Money is nice,

But my heart beats

For the small things.


The marinated rib-eye you crave every Friday,

The loud laughs over draft beers,

The set of curves you keep for yourself.

The starlit sky on a cool night.


I think I’ll get lost along the way,

Likely, a little more than a lot,

But that’s okay, my dear,

Because I know I’ll find it.


I just can’t lose the fire,

That I’ve been feeding

For longer than I can


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