I used to be right in the head

Until I opened up a person

One day

Just to see how we worked.


I had love for third worlds

Until I saw Vietnam skin

And boil

My pets alive.


I used to see the good in people

And have heroes

Until the network showed me

The demons always win.


I used to believe in true love

Until the harpies sung their twisted harmony around me

And I realized true love has long been buried under

Concealer and smooth lies.


I wanted to see the world

Until I realized that the hate just gets deeper

The farther you are from home.

So I chose to embrace the hate

To let it consume me

 To welcome the demons in


Not with painted faces

And red horns.

The people who sat with you at your dinner table

At your workplace

Who took up the empty bar stool next to you

But you knew you were just another face to be used and forgotten.


So you waited

For the miracle that never came

Questioning your faith

Doubting your purpose

Letting the rage eat away at your spirit

Until there was nothing more to consume

So it began to feast on your sanity

Or whatever was left of it.

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