My Taiwan Photo Diary

Tainan: The Descending Flight, Local Currency in Coins, Local Taiwanese Beer, Junk Motorbikes, Chinese Street Lanterns, Monkey Shisha Bar and Feeding Stray Kittens.japan 994old taiwan 087old taiwan 094old taiwan 161taiwan 036taiwan 037taiwan 041Taichung: The City & Hiking.taiwan-053.jpghiking taichung 094hiking taichung 121Puli: The Motorbike Drive from Taichung, Paragliding, and the Township.puli 063taichung and puli 347taichung and puli 371taichung and puli 374Kaohsiung: A Piece of the City, One of the Numerous Claw Arcade Machines and Monuments En Route from Tainan.taiwan 017taiwan 014taiwan 032

Taipei: The City Meets the Mountains and Taipei Away from the Lights and Flash.

puli 001puli 019

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