My Heartbeat

My Heartbeat

She could be the life of the party

Just as easily as she could sleep half the day away,

“Because I needed my beauty rest.”

She would go to her book clubs,

But really it was wine night with her girlfriends.

She would order the plainest of Greek salads,

Just to shrug her shoulders as she paired it with the biggest Patron margarita.

She couldn’t dance to save her life,

But her drinking buddy Jameson assured her she could.

She couldn’t name the eight planets,

But she could name the first one-hundred and fifty-one Pokemon.

She said she didn’t like to cuddle.

She was a liar.

She liked four-legged fur-balls,

Almost as much as me.

She liked traveling,

So I took her all over the world.

Her name was my heartbeat,

I’d whisper it into her ears when she was asleep.

Because I didn’t need to remind her

When she was awake.

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