My Dublin Bucket List





Dublin Castle’s State Palace Apartments


Irish Whiskey Museum


EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum


The view of Dublin from Seán O’Casey Bridge


Lamb shank, mash, steamed veggies and fennel and leek soup!


From the inside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral!


Did a regular and Taster’s Tour while at the Jameson Distillery Bow St. Ended up being the only lad on the Taster’s Tour and learned more about Jameson than I ever could’ve imagined.
Simplest fun fact: Did you know Jameson was actually a Scotsman and was known to be a bit of a prick? He simply wanted to make the best Irish whiskey and get even more rich than he already was, but didn’t want to give back to the Irish community or do any charitable work.


Guinness Storehouse: Guinness genuinely tastes better in Ireland. I thought it was just me at first, then I heard other expats, tourists, locals, and Irish-Americans saying the same thing. Bottom line – have a pint in Ireland you diorty bastard!

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