My London Bucket List


A gloomy view of the London Eye, Big Ben, and more from Lambeth Bridge!


Would you believe me if I told you I just randomly stumbled upon an underground street theater my first night in London? The VAULTS!


Tea & blood sausage are to die for in England.


Trafalgar Square’s National Gallery, Xmas Market, and National Portrait Gallery!


Waterloo Station: Navigating the London Tube was a piece of cake, especially if you get an Oyster Card beforehand. Ironically, most pubs and restaurants in London close around 11pm, despite being called the city that never sleeps, and only a very small handful of places remain open 24 hours. One being McDonald’s in Waterloo Station where they sell porridge and bacon rolls and happen to have outstanding WiFi 😅.


Piccadilly Circus


Westminster Abbey


Took a side trip to see a long lost friend and to enjoy some mulled wine, bratwurst, and to make our own charcuterie board from scratch at the Bristol Christmas Market!




The view of Bristol from the top of Cabot Tower!


English Pounds!


National History Museum: Behold Yongqin Bao’s, Wildlife Photographer of 2019, photo that won him the title! A marmot emerges from its hole only to be immediately startled by a Tibetan fox ready to pounce! The marmot sadly didn’t survive, but the fox was able to feed it’s cubs as a result and that is simply the circle of life. – If you know me well you know I love museums, but my favorite types of exhibits are stained glass windows and photography – specifically wildlife photography. My lifetime goals are to finish my Masters, move back abroad, resume teaching, learn the local language wherever I am and photograph everything from the people to the landscapes to the wildlife because it’s my way of having a journal that I can proudly share with the world.

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