My Bratislava Day Trip

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, originally one-half of Czechoslovakia. it’s a less-visited country compared to it’s other, original half in the Czech Republic. Why? Frankly, Slovakia is considered to be a little less of everything. Not quite as much nightlife, not as many things to do, and not as livable especially when compared to Prague. Both countries are apart of the EU, but only Slovakia uses the Euro as a form of currency while the Czech Republic uses Czech crowns.

I spent a day in Bratislava on my way from Budapest to Vienna just to relive some of the culture I became so fond of studying in the Czech Republic back in 2017. What did I do? Ate local, drank local, made friends, explored a few museums, and looked for views to drink in the city.

Survival Czech/Slovak:

Prominte = Excuse me/sorry
Dekuju = Thank you
Prosim = Please
Nashledanou = Goodbye
Naz dravi = Cheers
Ahoj = Hello
Jak se mas = How are you
Dobry = Good
Spatny = Bad
Syr = Cheese


Some of the best wild mushroom soup I’ve ever had.


Bratislava is known for their fruit spirits. Sweet, cheap, and STRONG!


Bratislava Old Town.


Trying beef tartare.


Watching the sun go down from my room in Hostel Blues.


Drinking with new friends from Greece at the famous Slovak Pub 😉


Graffiti roaming the streets of Bratislava.


Views of Bratislava Castle from the top of Old Town Hall/Museum.

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