My Vienna Bucket List

Vienna is on numerous lists for best places to visit in the world, especially in Europe. Why? There’s a lot to do and something for everyone no matter if you’re a foodie, artsy, or a partier. In addition, it’s not nearly as expensive as countries in western or northern Europe and the city center is very walk-able whilst also having safe, affordable, and efficient public transportation. Food-wise I ate mostly at their amazing Naschmarkt and top ranked Christmas markets and spent my days strolling through the city looking for hidden gems and admiring the architecture. Vienna is also filled with museums, theaters, and art galleries so anybody with a fondness for fine arts will fall in love with the options there. Here’s some of things I fell in love with during my time there.


Downtown Vienna


Vienna is filled with amazing architecture including statues and monuments.


Ottakringer Brauerei (Ottakringer Brewery)


Stumbling upon a random gallery that merges portraits with underwater photography.


Mumok Contemporary Art Museum


Authentic beer steins made from pewter, ceramic, and stone.


Vending machines in Vienna sell cannabis like most other countries sell cigarettes.


Chocolate Souffle


Street Life Photography Exhibit at Kunst Haus Wien.


Austrian beuschel! Braised veal heart and lungs in dark brown sauce with bread. Pretty much tastes like biscuits n’ gravy! Sounds gross? If you’ve ever eaten chicken nuggets or hot dogs you’ve eaten every body part of an animal but are too silly to realize it.


View of Vienna from the top of St. Stephen’s Cathedral

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