Life Quarantined in Cuzco, Peru: Part Two

I’ve been in quarantine going on ten weeks now with the President of Peru just announcing that he is extending the state of emergency for another five weeks. The only big difference with quarantine is that select restaurants are allowed to open for pickup and delivery. For me, I find it a bit pathetic to complain about being bored in quarantine as there are people who are losing their businesses, losing their homes, and losing their lives all over the world.

Instead, I’ve opted instead to reflect and improve myself in every way possible from my mindset to my spirituality. I study Spanish three times a week; I’ve invested thousands upon thousands of dollars in multiple companies; and I’ve started projects of my own such as rescuing stray dogs in Peru which I have branded as Pawsitivity Without Borders. Currently, I have two I call Blanco (White) and Chichito (Little Boy). Below, you will see some of my favorite views I get to drink in daily as well as my two current fosters who have been in my care going on three weeks now.

I will never get tried of the views Cusco has to offer.

Blanco is still looking for a forever home. If you are interested in adopting or fostering him, please email us at If you would like to sponsor Blanco, please click here.

Chichito is set to move into his forever home in Orlando, Florida as soon as the international borders reopen!

Walking around in Cusco is not simple. The high altitude combined with the numerous sets of steep stairs make running small errands on foot a much more arduous task. Imagine lugging your groceries up these regularly.

Something simple I took for granted. Walking in an empty park with nothing but the street lights.

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