My Athens Bucket List

Day 1 & 2 in Athens (9/5/21-9/6/21):

-Greeks will always make sure you get your receipt because the customer is not obligated to pay without one.
-The Ruins of Acropolis are super touristy but worth it if you are into history and architecture.
-Graffiti is everywhere, worse than Madrid.
-Athens has some of the sketchiest streets I’ve ever seen. I would not walk home alone late at night unless I was able to conceal carry.
-Taxis drive a Mercedes Benz here.
-Athens is a huge city but the metro is super easy to navigate.

Day 3 & 4 in Athens (9/7/21-9/8/21):

-Athens is windy and dusty. Leave your hats at home and pack your Benadryl.
-The local cuisine and liquors here are unmatched. Easily some of the best meals I’ve ever had. Simple, traditional, and fresh.
-Always ask the cook what they eat and say that’s exactly what you want. Not what they recommend for a tourist, ask them what they eat on their break from their menu. This is the way for experiencing true authenticity.
-Athens is pretty darn cheap for the EU. A mid-range traditional meal with a drink will cost you around 10 euros.
-Greece has some serious athletes. I’ve been going to a local gym to work out and the owner asked me to guess his age and I guessed 60 max. He is 77 years old and has a washboard 6-pack. Then he beat the hell out of me.
-Vehicles do not always yield for pedestrians even if you have a crossing signal. Stand farther from the traffic and use other passerbys as shields/signals to cross.
-Greeks traditionally have a drink or sweet dessert after a meal. Do as the locals do.
-There are many stray cats here but the fair majority seem well taken care of.
-Every local smokes and drinks coffee.

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