My Vilnius Bucket List

Day 1 in Vilnius, Lithuania (9/9/21):

-Vilnius is a super clean city with easy and convenient public transportation.
-Every other car is a Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW, or Lexus.
-The baroque architecture is absolutely fantastic.
-I’ve backpacked Europe 5 times and have never seen or been given 100 Euro bills until today.
-I spent last night getting my ass kicked in chess playing locals.

Day 2 in Vilnius, Lithuania (9/10/21):

-There’s another Shaun from Florida here who owns a bar called Stars and Stripes in Old Town. They have buffalo wings, Budweiser on tap, a fine whiskey selection, and chess nights.
-This little kid was watching me play chess from outside the window with his mom. I told them to come inside and play. I was going to let him win but he started running his mouth so I whooped his ass then got his mom’s number.
-There is a delightful craft beer scene here. Paljas is my go-to.
-The museums are exceptional and original. My favorite, so far, is the Vilnius Museum of Illusions.
-There are numerous unique cathedrals here and I love it.

Day 3 in Vilnius, Lithuania (9/11/21):

-You could spend the day at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. It’s full of history.
-Vilnius is full of upscale and boutique stores.
-Many locals dress fashionably but it’s kind of laughable. I was sweating outside just wearing workout clothes while I see people walking around in suits.
-Lithuania isn’t cheap compared to the rest of Eastern Europe. A typical cocktail at a mid-range establishment will cost you around 8-10 Euros.
-The local liquors here are gross. I’m an open-minded person but I tried five and I hated every one.
-Vilnius has a wide variety of foreign restaurants from tapas to Georgian cuisine.

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