My Riga Bucket List

Days 1 & 2 in Riga, Latvia (9/12/21-9/13/21):

-You can’t access gyms without a digital COVID vaccination record, which the US doesn’t have so I was denied entry at three gyms.
-By dumb luck, I found on outside gym called Ghetto Park that is one euro a day to workout at.
-I would easily argue the women here are among the most beautiful in the world.
-I am infatuated with the Art Nouveau architecture here. The city has a charm I can’t describe but adore.
-Balsam is a popular local liqueur here and their blackberry flavor is lethal.
-The parks and even the cemetery here are straight out of a story book.
-Locals are very reserved and shy. Then again, they also probably don’t run into an American covered in tattoos and with cauliflower ears everyday.

Day 3 in Riga, Latvia (9/15/21):

-The city views are unmatched.
-15 Euros will get you a 15 100mil beer tasting. Another 15 Euros will get you 5 shots of each Balsam. Frank Gallagher has nothing on me.
-There are half a dozen different mayonnaises here. Garlic, curry, paprika – they’re delicious.
-The malls here are about as pristine and refined as it gets with about every name brand you can think of.
-Open container law is no joke here. Up to 200 Euros on the spot.

Day 4 in Riga, Latvia (9/15/21):

-Today, I spent the day at the gun range. I shot a Spas 15, AK, Pump Action, Glock, and a Magnum. My spread was in the 7-8 range, meh. The Spas 15 kicks like a mule. My instructor was an old man from Soviet Russia and I’m 99% certain he’s killed people. I’m not trying to be funny, this guy had that presence about him.

Day 5 in Riga, Latvia (9/16/21):

-The legend goes Mr. Jager went to Latvia and tried the local liquor Balsam. He liked the recipe so much he took it back to Germany where he made our beloved Jagermeister.
-I’m working my way down the mayonnaises of Latvia. So far, chili mayo is my favorite.
-As hard as I try 9/10 I do not like or understand contemporary art exhibits.
-When I was young, I was the pickiest eater. My family would have to bring me a plain hamburger from McDonald’s to eat at a Chinese restaurant, I complained non-stop about having to go to see plays, and I had no interest in traveling because I didn’t like the long travel times and couldn’t bring my PS1. At thirty, I’m nearing forty countries, have tried everything from ox tongue in Poland to live coconut beetle larva in Vietnam, and have gone to dozens of concert halls all over the globe. My parents didn’t do so bad, but I’m still pissed my dad made me bald with his crappy genes.
-I went to a ballet tonight and was in the front row of the balcony with two empty seats next to me. A little girl came up and sat down next to me and I had a chuckle. I knew she wasn’t supposed to sit there but I told her I would say it was my idea if she got in trouble. Her mother turned out to be sitting behind me and was, I’m not exaggerating, one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. I invited her to sit next to me with her daughter and she obliged and we had a great time talking and joking with each other. It’s these little moments that make me love traveling. It’s not about the pictures or the check-ins, it’s about the moments you can’t buy.

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