My Tallinn Bucket List

Day 1 & 2 in Tallinn, Estonia (9/17/21-9/18/21):

-This is my sixth country so far on this trip and I don’t care what anyone says. Everyone worldwide appreciates a good tip.
-I tried pig ears. I thought they were only treats for dogs but turns out they aren’t half bad.
-Tallinn is beautiful but, so far, seems overrated and is my least favorite of the three Baltics. What little there is to do here can be done in a day or two for an active tourist. I really don’t get what the hype is all about.
-QR vaccination codes are taking over the EU for entry into businesses. I would love for the US vaccination to be digital so I don’t have to carry around this silly CDC card everywhere in my wallet.
-Clothes shopping is crazy expensive. I was looking to upgrade my coat and everything I saw was 200-500 Euros. My plane ticket into Lithuania from Greece was 17 Euros.
-There is a local craft honey beer out here that is delightful but every bartender hates pouring it because it is the definition of foamy. Far worse than Guinness.

Day 3 in Tallinn, Estonia (9/19/21):

-Estonians get sarcasm. In fact, it’s a big part of their humor.
-I have not seen anyone wear Estonian wool except for me🤷. I thought it would be like Peru where everyone wears alpaca but I was oh so wrong.
-A rule of thumb in traveling is to avoid restaurants and bars in the town square. They’re normally overpriced, super touristy, and the quality is hit or miss.
-That being said, I went to the town square and tried a liter of cinnamon beer and slow-roasted brown bear. Apparently, in Estonia, it’s legally permitted to hunt and kill forty annually as long as they are not females with dependent cubs. The beer gave me heartburn like a motha. The bear was super tender but definitely not worth 55 Euros, not even half frankly. Easily the most expensive entrée I’ve had in Europe but when and where else am I going to try slow-roasted brown bear?

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