My Tbilisi Bucket List

Day 1 in Tbilisi, Georgia (10/4/21):

-The rain is steady in Georgia in the fall.
-Georgia doesn’t have a curfew but the majority of businesses have to close at 10pm so it pretty much does. Ordering late night food and drinks are an easy option though with apps like Wolt.
-I would argue Tbilisi is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen.
-Everytime I play blackjack they switch the dealers on me when I’m up and I tell myself I should take my money and dip. And, everytime, my ego says I’m the man, I’m a better player now, I can win some more, and I leave empty-handed. Tbilisi was no exception….

Day 2 in Tbilisi, Georgia (10/5/21):

-Locals drink Jager with cherry juice and it’s a revelation.
-I don’t even like wine but I like Georgian wine.
-I have a rough around the edges look. Some girls like it, some girls don’t. Georgian girls like it.
-They’re a lot of stray dogs here but every one I’ve met were really friendly and seemed well taken care of. Locals even put collars on them to symbolize they are strays that are being looked after. That being said, locals don’t understand dog psychology whatsoever.
-Besides tourist traps, Georgia is very cheap. You could live off of $20-30 daily as a tourist if you live simply.
-To be frank, the food isn’t anything to brag to home about. Georgia has their version of Chinese dumplings, grilled trout, assorted cheeses – nothing that’ll particularly excite a foodie.

Day 3 & 4 in Tbilisi, Georgia (10/6/21-10/7/21):

-I tried around a dozen traditional Georgian dishes and just couldn’t fall in love with the cuisine.
-It’s a running joke here, in Ukraine, and in Armenia that the local men are so ugly that women’s only other options are tourists/expats. I’m inclined to wholeheartedly agree.
-Georgia is not fond of Russia because they are occupying the northern part of the country but Georgia’s military is too weak to really do anything about it.
-The language literally sounds like people are coughing up hairballs every other sentence.

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