My Detroit Getaway

Day 1 in Detroit, Michigan and crossing the Canadian-US Border (5/7/22):
-I got absolutely grilled by my own people crossing the land border from Windsor to Detroit. I think I was asked close to twenty questions from what were the breeds of the dogs I rescued to what form of payment I used to book my flight tomorrow to South Africa. I’m pretty sure it would’ve continued had I not been saved by the border patrol having a shift change.
-Mexicantown is where it’s at.
-I drove up all of 8 Mile and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Every street just had cannabis shops, strip clubs, and pawn shops like any other lower-class area.
-I went to Eminem’s 8 Mile trailer park and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be either. It was just a normal trailer park.
-Detroit has the worst potholes I’ve ever seen and they are everywhere.
-I went to TV’s Hardcore Pawn and it wasn’t anything mind-blowing either, just like any other pawn shop.
-The Belt and Joe Louis’ “The Fist” are definitely worth visiting.

Day 2 in Detroit, Michigan (5/7/21):
-Eastern Market is everything. Just food on food on food. From gumbo to draft kombucha to craft beer.
-I stayed in an Airbnb that was a fixer-upper house. Ended up being the worst idea I’ve ever had. No security, ran like a self-check-in hostel, horrible neighborhood advertised as “non-gentrified”, and not cleaned sufficiently. When I gave him a 3-star review for the aforementioned issues he replied, cussing me out and insulting me. Saying I was cheap and exaggerating like a true professional.

Summary: Detroit is somewhere I just couldn’t live. Too cold, not enough to do, too many unsafe areas such as 7 Mile, and you don’t get enough bang for your buck. Not bad to visit for a day or two, but just not my style.

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