My Bacalar Getaway

Day 1 in Bacalar, Mexico (2/9/22):

-Immigration was the easiest walkthrough. No questions, didn’t ask me for any of my forms. Just got stamped and left.
-The water is what you’ve seen in movies. It’s so blue it looks artificial.
-Like a lot of Latin America, the majority of tourists are Europeans and Americans who just want to party outside of a typical bar or pub.
-Bacalar is a mix between hippies, party tourists, and locals.
-There are a lot of stray dogs. I have my work cut out for me.

Day 2 in Bacalar, Mexico: (2/10/22):

-If you come to Bacalar, going on a boat trip and renting a kayak is almost mandatory.
-My first impression of the local Mexican people is they are the kindest around.
-One US dollar is, more or less, twenty Mexican pesos.
-A golden rule of going to new bars is to simply use “please” and “thank you.” If the bar is really busy – tip the price of a cocktail. You’ll get A1 service after that because you’re polite and taking care of them and they know it. Yeah, you’ll spend a little more, but if you can’t afford to take care of your bartender you can’t afford to go out in my opinion.
-I’m not sure what’s going on but I’ve met maybe forty Europeans in the past two days and one American, but I’m not complaining.

Day 3 in Bacalar, Mexico (2/12/22):

Go somewhere you’re scared to. Take the colectivo into town. Go to a language exchange. Flirt. Ask the bartender for a local shot, order one for them too. Tip them after. Go to a restaurant with plastic chairs and no AC. Even better if there is a grandma cooking who speaks zero English. Ask for her favorite dish even if you can’t pronounce it. Try the peppers or hot sauce. Learn to make a margarita. Go heavy on tequila. Pet the dog. Even better feed it. Buy the local kids ice cream or snacks. Tell them kindness is free. Get in the water. Take a minute to enjoy the sunshine or the moonlight. Thank the past for bringing you to this present. Live on.

Day 4 & 5 in Bacalar, Mexico (2/12/22-2/13/22):

-The weather is the definition of bipolar. One hour it’s perfect sunshine, the next it’s pouring down. Rinse and repeat throughout the day.
-Mexico is very cheap. If you wanted to live very simply, such as cooking every meal for yourself and living in a hostel, you could get by with $100USD a week no problem.
-Did I already mention the water looks so emerald blue it looks fake?
-Temezcal is delicious and as smooth as it gets going down the chimney.

Day 6 & 7 in Bacalar, Mexico (2/14/22-2/15/22):

-Marquesitas are everything I’ve been looking for in my life and then some.
-I would bet half of the tourists I’ve met here are from Holland with the majority being from Amsterdam.
-There are crocodiles here. That’s why it’s important to stay out of the water at night and not risk getting lost in the mangroves which is essentially a labyrinth. Biggest difference between crocs and gators for me? Gators we aren’t on the menu, crocs everyone is on the menu.
-The sun here is STRONG and that’s coming from a Florida boy. Some boat operators will tell you not to get in the water if you’re wearing sun cream because it technically pollutes the water, but then simply tell them to take out all the boats running on gasoline first.
-Fishing is not a thing here. It’s prohibited and there just isn’t a big enough population of fish to sustain the ecosystem as well as permit fishing.

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