My Puerto Morelos Pit Stop

Day 1 in Puerto Morelos, Mexico (3/1/22):
-I’ve spent the last two weeks working everyday at the animal rescue in Chetumal. Haven’t had a life outside of them and going to the gym.
-Agreed to ride 7 hours in a bus from Chetumal to Cancun to get supplies from a flight volunteer.
-Decided to stop here on the way back. Frankly, it’s a bit of a disappointment. Very touristy, the main beach was absolutely filled with seaweed, and it was super windy today. I didn’t mind just finding a covered spot though and watching the day go by.

Day 2 in Puerto Morelos/Day 1 in Playa Del Carmen (3/2/22):
-I went snorkeling today for $20USD and it ended up being my best experience in Mexico so far. I had the luck of getting to watch a sea turtle emerge out of the coral right from under me. I panicked trying to tell the rest of the group and getting my camera out to record it. Only to realize, I wasn’t living in the moment. So I put my camera away. Forget all this social media nonsense. Likes and followers don’t matter in real life.

Would I recommend Puerto Morales? For a weekend getaway or stop over – yes. Anything more, absolutely not. Far too touristy and not authentic Mexico.

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