My Calderitas Getaway

Day 1 in Calderitas, Mexico (3/11/22):
-Calderitas is a paradise. No tourists and everything you need.
-Today was Negrita’s first time seeing the ocean. She didn’t know what to do. We’ll come back tomorrow and try again.

Day 2 in Calderitas, Mexico (3/12/22):
-Proud dad moment seeing Negrita play in the ocean for the first time.

Days 3-5 in Calderitas, Mexico (3/13/22-3/15/22):
-Keys to being happy: lift heavy stuff, get in the water, try new things, realize all life is precious.
-Going vegan is way harder than I thought. Especially in small towns where they don’t even know what vegan is.

Days 6-8 in Calderitas, Mexico (3/16/22-3/18/22):
-I love this ding dong of a dog, but I’m terrified I won’t be able to find her a forever home or foster.
-Literally every small town in Mexico lives off of meat and cheese-based foods. Nachos, enchiladas, perros, tacos, empanadas. If can get every 2/3 meals pescatarian – I’m happy.
-Last night, I was told by another rescue that I am rescuing animals out of ego and for attention. At first, I was insulted, then I laughed, because I realized the sole reason I am still in Mexico is to take care of Negrita. Otherwise, I would be in Belize or El Salvador right now.
-Ever feel like you’re being followed or setup? I always take my sunglasses off and pretend I’m cleaning them, but I’m really looking at the reflection in them to see what’s going on behind me.

Would I recommend Calderitas? Absolutely yes, but only for a weekend getaway. There just isn’t hardly anything to do in Calderitas.

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