Oysters, Wine, & Whiskey in Winter Park



The Wine Room: Custom artisan cheese boards, flatbreads, and a series of wine tasting machines. Simple pay $3 for a wine tasting card which is yours to keep and acts as a debit card, put as much currency as you want into the card, and you get a wine glass and free range of samples ranging from 1oz, 2.5oz, or 5oz.




 The Best Damn Happy Hour:

When quality and quantity are put together you can never go wrong, top that with a bartender who is sociable and knows his cocktails and craft beers and a chef who can maintain the consistency between a lunch/dinner and sushi menu. Highly recommended!


Happy Hour’s dozen half shelled oysters for $10 and $5 old-fashioneds!






A very small bar that came with undersized and overpriced gritty oysters and margaritas made with cheap premade mix. Our bartender didn’t know how to make a margarita and had to ask another bartender to do it for him. On top of this he still charged us full price and didn’t re-fire our oysters when we complained they were unpleasant and filled with grit. Would not recommend this bar.





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