About Me

Hi! I’m Shaun Stoffer and I’m an aspiring travel blogger seeing the world and teaching English along the way. I’m originally from Orlando, Florida and a year ago I was in a rut in my life. I collected two undergraduate degrees in criminal justice and English/creative writing but opted to work odd jobs such as barbacking and as a produce clerk to support chasing a dream in competing in mixed martial arts. After 5 years I put my career aside with an overall record of 7 wins and 4 losses, coming to the realization that I just wasn’t skilled enough to make it to the big show where I could earn a living cagefighting. I had little savings, doctor’s warnings that my concussions were taking a toll on my mental health, and overwhelming uncertainty and unhappiness on what my life was becoming.

I put my English degree to use and turned to teaching English and worked in Florida for 6 months while regularly exploring cities in the US such as New Orleans, Nashville, and Atlanta. I began writing about my journeys in etchedinadventure.com as an online journal to share with my family and friends and ended up growing a following that I’ve continued to nurture and help thrive.

Currently, I’m teaching English as a second language in Da Nang, Vietnam and earning my M.E.d through on online graduate program.

This website is intended as a means for individuals who wish to support my travels and website which is simply an insight into my life teaching and traveling the world on a shoestring budget while recommending the best, most underrated, and my personal favorites in cities such as Berlin, Colorado Springs, and Singapore during my adventures.

Moreover any subscriptions to my blog https://etchedinadventure.com/ and any recommendations on places that I should visit next will never not be appreciated!

Happy Travels!

-Shaun Stoffer, Etched in Adventure

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