My Costa Rica Bucket List

Costa Rica was originally supposed to be my senior trip back in 2009, but not enough students in my graduating class wanted to go and so the trip never happened. Frankly, going as an adult ten years later was indefinitely a better idea as I had the freedom and life experience to do it the right way as opposed to just going on tours with chaperones and staying in touristy hotels.

Costa Rica is a country where you can do many types of adventures from water activities to hiking volcanoes to touring animal rescues and without several weeks or months of time it’s near impossible to do it all in one trip due to the geography of the country and the crazy roadwork and traffic. Therefore, I narrowed it down to one – the mountain town of Monteverde and it’s cloud forest reserves.

I flew into San Jose and spent a couple of days checking out the museums, local market, and then impulsively went to the theater, the casino, and then a few out-of-this-world bars with a local friend I made who offered to show me around.

IMG_20191219_122239_688 (1)

I never got tired of seeing these amarillo skies. One of my favorite things to do abroad is find the best sunsets and sunrises and simply drink it in.


This is my definition of paradise that I found in Monteverde.


These hills go on as far as the eyes can see and running into coyotes, seeing toucans flying by, and losing in gallops to my other rider was the best.


Sat front row in San Jose’s National Theater to watch the Christmas Musical “Un Cuenta De Navidad”.


Michelada: Essentially cerveza, lime juice, spices, salt and chili! Something between a Margarita and a Bloody Mary.


For the equivalent of $12: sirloin, grilled zucchini, and the most marvelous mil hojas de papa con queso or “thousand leaves of potato and cheese”.


Costa Rican colones are indefinitely the prettiest currency I’ve ever come across in visiting 20+ countries.


Partying at Hotel Del Ray!


Views while taking the shuttle from San Jose to Monteverde


Eating local! Grilled steak, fried plantains, white rice, black beans, salad and more!

The Summit of Monteverde Cloud Forest:

Waterfalls in Monteverde Cloud Forest:

Monteverde Hummingbird Gallery:


Something I didn’t expect from a third world country is their initiative against loitering. You’ll find these tubes all over Monteverde for cigarette buds and people use them regularly.


Sangria while bird-watching and playing with passing dogs.

The view from the summit of my riding trail with Equus Monteverde:


The toughest thing about learning Spanish is the different dialects and use of diction in Spanish-speaking countries. For example “pajillas” means “straws” in Costa Rica while in countries like Spain or Puerto Rico it means “jerk off” or “masturbate”.


I will say it until the day they bury me – I will always find the good doggos wherever I go.


Spirogyra Butterfly Garden


More Costa Rican colones!


The numerou uno thing on my list whenever I go to a new place is to visit the local market. Although they can be touristy sometimes, you will still find the best local food at generally good prices. $4 for two Costa Rican-style tacos at the San Jose Central Market and I ended up sitting with a bunch of locals who spoke zero English. It happened to be the woman sitting next to me’s birthday and so they randomly brought out a cake, started recording, and began to sing happy birthday. I joined in and had a glorious time and a good laugh.


Monteverde, Costa Rica


One of the sight during my Night Walk Tour with Santamarias


Can you see it? Hint: It’s green!

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