Road Trip: Charleston, South Carolina


I refer to my US roadtrips as my Statewide Ride. I started off by driving from my home in Orlando, Florida all the way up to Hoboken, New Jersey, visiting several states along the way, where I stayed for a few weeks with some close friends and saw New York City and Philadelphia up close and personal for the first time. Ever since then I’ve had an itch that I just can’t quite scratch and have to do something about from time to time. Lately, I’ve been continuing every so often by driving from Orlando up the Interstate 95 North and stopping at a new city further down the highway each time.

My current I-95 North Roadtrip Visited Destinations:

Orlando, Florida > St. Augustine, Florida > Jacksonville, Florida > Brunswick, Georgia > Savannah, Georgia > Charleston, South Carolina


The Gibbes Museum of Art: $10

Wasn’t the greatest experience getting yelled at by an employee when he didn’t realize our dog was a service dog but aside from that my traveling companions and I took delight in a student discount at admissions and greatly enjoyed two stories of widespread art ranging from oil on canvas to abstract sculptures as well a fountain and small park extending from the rear entry of the museum itself.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Confederate Museum: $5

Literally located directly above the Charleston City Market, it’s a relatively small room full of Confederate memorabilia, at the cheap admission rate it’s worth a peak if you have at least a mild interest in US history.


Magnolia Plantation and Gardens $12

Dare I say the highlight of my trip? With a Groupon deal and great weather it was a no brainer to make this trek about a 20 minute drive from downtown Charleston.

It was also the oddest yet breathtaking sight passing a cemetery boasting a ritual of keeping several hundred fresh bouquets of flowers scattered throughout a huge expanse en route to Magnolia, so much that we stopped on the way back to admire the beauty.


The Plantation House: Big, old, and boasting regular guided tours. Not quite my cup of tea but an amazing piece of architecture.


The Petting Zoo: Do I have a love for animals? Damn right! Was I more than willing to buy feed for a quarter each handful? Damn right! Did I fail miserably to make the animals pose with me for a selfie? I’m pretty sure you see where this is going. A herd of peacocks, turkeys, and coop full of chickens on top of a small herd of deer and a variety of other uncommon animals. I loved every minute of it!

The Swamplands: Getting rampaged by mosquitos was not my finest hour. These photos were hard earned.

The Gardens: A lengthy trail with a myriad of different sights including a maze, bamboo trees, and a variety of flora gardens. Walking my dog was a pretty enjoyable task here.

Charleston City Market: This reminded me a lot of the French Market as it’s pretty much a giant tourist trap that stretches across several blocks. Eat here but don’t shop here.



Lagunitas Taproom & Beer Sanctuary: I have an infatuation for craft beer and a love for pulled pork. Sometimes that’s all you need.



William Rhett House: I love history more than most but it just doesn’t spark my interest to visit big, old houses of people I’ve never heard of. Therefore, snapping a quick pic as I walk back to my car will suffice in my itinerary.

Pit Stops:

Jen & Friends in Savannah, Georgia.


Tipsy McSway and Jekyll Square West in Brunswick, Georgia.

Total Costs:

Two tanks of gas: $62

Motel room for one night: $86

Museum Admission: $27

Meals & Drinks for one (including tipping 20-25%): $150

Sum of Expenses: $325

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