My Tulum Pit Stop

Days 1-2 in Tulum, Mexico (4/18/22-4/19/22):
-I like blue.
-People have this idea that hostels are these rundown, sketchy accommodations and that’s just not the case – the majority of the time.
-Palma Central is everything I want in my life and more. Good music, food trucks, and friendly vibes.
-I ironically met a couple who said I looked familiar. Turns out they lived in Cuzco when I did back in 2020 and we knew several of the same people. Small world defined.

What were my impressions of Tulum? I, like many others, would say it’s not real Mexico. Dollars are widely accepted, the prices are absurd, and there are just as many foreigners on their gap year, honeymoon, or on their weekend getaway from the States as there are locals trying to sell you everything from souvenirs to a tour. The city center has been developed into a thriving expat hub for tourists, digital nomads, and people who want to travel but aren’t fond of the backpacker route or don’t want to get off the beaten path. It’s a very livable city. You can get vegan options, designer brands, and find modern housing without issue, albeit absurdly expensive for Mexico. Could I live there? Without a doubt. Would I want to? Absolutely not. It’s America away from America.

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